A screenshot from the contribution part. (13.12.2020)

Contribution to the daily evening News on private Slovenian TV channel POP TV with the title: “‘Extremist politicians are increasingly moving into the political mainstream’”. With the journalist, Miha Drozg we discussed the phenomenon of Golden Dawn, Nazism in Greece and far-right extremists.

“On October 7, after a marathon trial, the Athens court ruled that the far-right neo-Nazi Golden Dawn — still greece’s third largest party years ago — is a criminal organisation. They sentenced 65 of its members, and the founding and leader of the party, Nikolas Mihaloljakos, to 13 years in prison. Journalist Katja Lihtenvalner, with whom Miha Drozg spoke when the trial was over and who has been reporting on what has been reported from Greece for the tenth year, says this is far from meaning that the Greek far right is now counting. ‘As far as far-right extremist groups are concerned, these exist in Greece and will, of course, continue to exist. The specificity of the Golden Dawn was precisely its Nazi structure, its formation.” But still, even now, even in formal politics, extremists exist. “And not only that — they are also in parliament.” The Golden Dawn, founded in 1985, opened the door to the Greek Parliament in the face of a financial and debt crisis. For the first time, they made their way to parliament, taking advantage of high unemployment and announced financial measures and on the wings of rising racism, in 2012. And the rest of us for seven years. They publicly glorifued Nazism and Adolf Hitler. They had a silent backing in the police, the military, the media. Party members have been serially charged with refugees, migrants, members of the LGBTIQ+ community, political opponents, activists. What the Greek example can teach us — also about it in Focus.”

Access: ‘Skrajne politike se vse bolj selijo v politični mainstream’ — 24ur.com

A screenshot from a show. (13.12.2020)



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Katja Lihtenvalner

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