Geopolitical conflict at EU external border
»Lukashenko as an unlicensed tour operator«

Lukashenko talking to refugees and migrants at the border camp. (Source:

Belarus blackmailing EU

In the eyes of the international community there is one man responsible for the migrant crisis on the EU external border, Belarusian autocrat for 27 years, Lukashenko.

Lukashenko at the BBC interview. (Source: BBC)

Poland — an EU guard?

Just two months ago Poland was engaged in “constitutional dispute” with EU while its now presenting itself as a “European external defender”.

Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki responded on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

EU with new sanctions

Most of EU leaders are united that »political problem was created artificially by Minsk in response to sanctions«.



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Katja Lihtenvalner

Katja Lihtenvalner

Journalist. Greece, Western Balkans #PoliticalExtremism #HateSpeech #FakeNews Head of Research at RusaalkaFilms Monitored #GDtrial I train #MuayThai