“Culture of cement” vandalizing Partenon

Greece’s Culture Ministry flooded the Acropolis site with thick, fresh cement paths. (Photo: Katja Lihtenvalner)

The path towards Partenon covert with a thick layer of cement. Greeks believe ancient monument was vandalized . »New Democracy continues to spread »culture of cement« around Athens,« I was told.

The project, titled “Configurating the Routes in the archeological site of the Acropolis for people with mobility difficulties”, was unanimously approved by the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) in May. It includes cementing areas on the ancient hill as well as an elevator for the disabled.

The Ministry claims that cement paths aim to facilitate access for visitors with mobility problems. (Photo: Katja Lihtenvalner)

Archaeologists argue that the routes for the disabled could have been made by more environmentally-friendly materials instead of cement.

Andreas Angelis of the AMEA group said the project could have been completed with other constructions rather than “choking the Holy Rock in cement” and said that, apart from not respecting the area itself, the project lacked a route for blind people, a toilet for the disabled and other installations which show the real lack of intent in helping the disabled. He further added that the lift already at the Acropolis was never fixed so that it could operate.

Protesting archaeologists and the internet community argue that in Greece of 21st century, other materials such as wood, plexiglas or metal ramps could have been used to avoid such a smashing, ignorant and barbaric alternation of the 2500-year-old site. (Photo: Katja Lihtenvalner)

As the Acropolis site is a World Heritage Monument under the Protection of the UNESCO such alternations should be been normally possible with an international tender and approval not just the local minister.

So far it is not know which company has been assigned with the cement paths and blocks.

The cement paths have sharp endings. (Photo: Katja Lihtenvalner)
Cement paths towards Partenon uneven and not estethic. (Photo: Katja Lihtenvalner)



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Katja Lihtenvalner

Katja Lihtenvalner

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