Contribution to an article published by Foreign Policy “Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa Is a Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist and Twitter Addict Who Won’t Admit Trump Lost”

By the Author, Domen Savic (director of Citizen D) I was asked to comment the formation of anti-migration and racist groups across the Balkans similar to the one in Slovenia.

“As with Slovenian paramilitary units, Serbia has also seen the formation of anti-migration self-organized groups,” said Katja Lihtenvalner, a researcher at the Commission for International Justice and Accountability. “In Bosnia we followed the formation of … vigilantes and groups who were increasingly taking matters in their own hands, under the pretext of protecting the safety of others and public order. Generally, the impression is that authorities themselves are not able or willing to prevent the formation of such groups, the most radical of which are in Slovenia, where self-appointed ultranationalist groups were patrolling the border with fake guns and military uniforms.”

Image of Slovenian paramilitary units. Source: MMC RTV Slo

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